Yellow Fever

The Practice is now designated as a Yellow Fever Centre by Health Protection Scotland. This means that we now offer Yellow Fever vaccination to those travelling to affected areas of the world.

Following submission of your Travel Questionnaire, our nurses will perform a comprehensive risk assessment, using the latest World Health Organisation information, and advise whether you will require vaccination in order to enter any of the countries that you are visiting. You will be required by law to produce an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) in order to proceed through Border Control of any country where Yellow Fever transmission is a risk.

Individuals with certain specific medical problems may be unable to receive Yellow Fever vaccine, and in this situation, we can provide a medical exemption certificate that may be accepted by the affected country in order to gain entry. This is not guaranteed, and no liability can be accepted for individual Border Control decisions.

You can read more about Yellow Fever, and the international regulations surrounding, it by clicking here.

Vaccination consists of one single dose for all age groups, and is NOT provided by the NHS. It must therefore be purchased privately, and our current fees are listed below.

If you will require Yellow Fever vaccination and/or certificates for any of the countries that you are visiting, you will be informed of this when our receptionist telephones to schedule your Travel Clinic appointment with our nurse.

If you have previously had Yellow Fever vaccination, and you have forgotten to mention this on your Travel Questionnaire, please tell the receptionist AT THIS POINT.

  • You will be instructed to DOWNLOAD and SIGN one Yellow Fever Vaccination Consent Form (click HERE) for EACH INDIVIDUAL (including children) who requires the vaccine.

  • You must then BRING your individual, SIGNED, consent form(s) to your vaccination appointment.

  • When you report to Reception, please state that you are here for Yellow Fever vaccination, and present your consent form(s). Your payment will be taken, and your consent form(s) stamped as your receipt (card payments accepted).

  • When you are called by the Nurse, you should give her your stamped consent form, as this will be kept in your medical records. No vaccination will be carried out without a signed, stamped consent form, SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.


Price List:

Vaccination, including provision of International Vaccination Certificate:£55 per person
Provision of Medical Exemption Certificate, without Vaccination:£40 per person
Re-issue of Lost/Damaged Certificate, without Vaccination:£40 per person


Avoiding Mosquito Bites


Remember - the best way to avoid Yellow Fever, and many other unpleasant diseases, is to avoid being bitten in the first place.  Download our leaflet to learn more about how to minimise your risk.

Mosquito Bite Avoidance



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